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  What is AIS?

AIS stands for Automatic Identification System and refers to the technology by which vessels at sea can broadcast their identification, position, speed, direction and other details to vessels around them.  AIS is mandatory for international shipping of over 300 gross Tonnes and for all Passenger Ships and is optional for recreational vessels. Its use is governed by the International Maritime Organizations SOLAS (safety of life at sea) convention.  AIS data is broadcast on a VHF channel and so the range of signals is limited to VHF range, this range varies with the height of the transmitting antennas but could typically be 20-25 miles.  The exact data transmitted varies with the class of vessel.  For the largest ships it will include the ships name, dimensions, MMSI number, speed, direction and destination and for smaller vessels the data transmitted will be an abbreviated version of the above.  Military ships are exempt from the requirement to carry AIS.

Monitoring is carried out using a dedicated VHF receiver and can be displayed on a Computer or Chartplotter. A number of land stations collect AIS data and transmit it over the internet so when ships are in range of shore stations it is possible to see their details on  websites such as marinetraffic.com



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